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You need to be able to fill out a simple medical disclaimer.  In some circumstances e.g. asthma, it is necessary for the club to refer a candidate to a special BSAC medical referee.  More information is available from the club’s membership secretary.

There are three components to the club’s fees:

  • Membership of CSAC, which is the same for all members
  • Membership of BSAC, as governing body of the sport, this gives you third party insurance and a subscription to Dive magazine
  • Training materials fee, which pays for your manual, qualification folder and the course notes for the first course

For further information, please contact:

No.  We do, however, prefer students to make every effort to attend on a regular basis in order to keep the momentum of skill development and avoid too much inconvenience to instructors.

There are a number of sessions in the pool and classroom, which students must have undertaken prior to starting in open water.  These are usually arranged on a weekly basis, and run for a minimum of six weeks.  For some people additional pool sessions are necessary to build confidence prior to moving into the open water environment.

Not initially.  We usually ask new trainees to organise their own mask, fins and snorkel at the start of the course, but spares can be made available for one or two sessions by arrangement with the training officer.   The club owns a number of sets of SCUBA equipment (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus).  Anyone who learns to dive with CSAC is issued with a set of equipment, which they use as their own until they are qualified for open water.  This enables trainees to become familiar with one set of equipment – and learn to hump it around!